Provide your office with pure, still, sparkling and delicious flavored water. The Lavit cooler will bring joy to your break room with a push of a button.


30+ delicious beverage options all 10 calories or less

Cooler self-sanitizes with ozonation

Customer crafted better-for-you beverages with no- or low sugar and preservative free with vitamins and minerals

Beverages include flavored waters, tea’s, iced coffee and energy drinks!



For every EcoCap sold, Lavit donates to ONE DROP, a charity that helps provide clean drinking water to those in need

EcoCaps are 100% recyclable made from light, compact aluminum that are 99% lighter than a 12oz can

Avoid the energy demands of transporting, storing and refrigerating heavy plastic bottled beverages



Our bottle-less water coolers give you great tasting drinking water without the hassle of lifting and storing bulky water bottles.

We offer the best office water coolers in the Central Valley and stand behind our systems with an industry leading guarantee.

  • Free standard installation
  • Rental includes maintenance and service
  • Fixed pricing for easy budgeting
  • No lifting or storing of heavy bottles
  • Requires one square foot of floor space
  • Counter top models available
  • Ice/Water combo available

Follett Ice And Water Combination

Sleek, attractive 15 Series dispensers have countertop and freestanding models. All models have sanitary dispensing. these dispensers can produce 125 lbs of consumer-preferred Chewblet® ice per day. The 15 Series holds 15 lbs of ice storage and is ideal for serving up to 50 people.

Compact – 15 Series is 22.5″ (573 mm) tall, making it the industry’s most compact design for an ice and water dispenser that stores 15 lbs (6.8 kg) of ice.
Drain-less – NO DRAIN REQUIRED – Place the 15 Series anywhere with easy installation and maintenance.
Sanitary – Capacitive touch eliminates direct contact with ice and minimizes potential for cross contamination.
Efficient – The 15 Series provides the lowest energy level and water usage among ice machines of similar capacity.
Attractive – The modern stainless steel interior with accent trim offers a stylish design that complements any decor.
Antimicrobial – Agion® antimicrobial treatment of critical components minimizes bacteria and biofilm growth on treated surfaces