Coffee Break Service Inc. is a leader in bringing convenience stores, coffee shops, and donut houses innovative products and equipment. We bring you profit-building promotional support, merchandising that drives purchases, and a quality of service that you can depend on.

Coffee, cappuccinos, iced tea and much more

We’ll work with you to help you determine what your customers are looking for in a great cup of coffee. We’ll help you choose the right product mix for your beverage center. Our products range from healthy to indulgent, classic to trendy. We’ll help you find the right options to satisfy your customers’ cravings and build your profits.


Our equipment is designed to reduce labor, save space, and be highly energy efficient, which helps you lower costs. Choose from purchase, loan or rental options from names you trust.

Service, training and support

We maintain the equipment, manage your inventory, and work with you to help understand your customers’ preferences.

Your Coffee Break representative will train your staff on choosing the right recipe for great tasting coffee, frozen beverages, cappuccinos and more.

Our service department of 21 factory trained technicians maintain your equipment on a 24/7 basis.

In-Store Advertising

We can provide you with complete point-of-purchase programs or design a custom look and program for your store.

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