Starting with only the finest beans available, the proprietary infrared roasters gently bring out the full flavor potential of each bean in our small bacth method.

Under careful supervision of the Roast Master come the techniques and care to bring out the best of every variety and every roast. VOC’s artisan care is your passport, transporting you from the best crop to the best cup.

Breakfast Blend
Colombian Cafe
Cafe Maison Five Star

French Roast
Classic Roast
Italian Roast

Espresso Roast
Kona Royal
88 Octane

Dark Sumatra
French Vanilla
Hazelnut Cream

Cinnamon Stick

Infrared Roasted

100% Arabica Beans

Fair Harvest

Order your favorite Starbucks coffee.

Breakfast Blend
Veranda Blonde
Cafe Verona
House Blend

The San Francisco Treat.

French Roast
House Blend
Major Dickason
House Blend Decaf

Choose From Your Favorite National Brands

Folgers, Yuban, Maxwell House, Tully’s, Green Mountain, Seatle’s Best, Lingle and Farmer Brothers. All come in portion control packs ready for the break room.